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The dojo is now closed due to the Covid restrictions for adults, only the classes for children and youth are still open. We will continue to monitor the situation and open up the classes again whenever possible.

Please carefully read instructions below before attending classes to ensure that there are no changes.

While we normally welcome beginners and visitors to our dojo you will need an invitation before you enter the dojo until further notice. Please first send an email to if you wish to attend.

We welcome new and old members to our dojo. Classes are available for children, youth and adults led by instructors with high merit. Please note that seats are limited in our children’s and youth classes so you need to register and get an invitation to begin.

For questions about children’s and youth classes and registration send an email to Please make sure to include contact details to parent or guardian with email, mobile phone number and home address.

For questions about adult classes send an email to

About us
We are one of the oldest and largest aikido dojos in Sweden established 1967 with several high ranking instructors.

Adult beginners can attend the classes for Basic / Beginners training, see schedule.

Children and youth require registration and invitation, se General above for details.

We practice in the traditional white training uniform called gi. Beginners may use regular training gear with long legs that covers the knees and sleeves that cover the elbows, please avoid garments with hoods. The dojo does not sell training uniforms.

We welcome visitors to our dojo for shorter or longer periods. If you are just in town for a few days or perhaps studying or working here for a while. Please just notify the instructor of the class when you arrive.
Visitors are reminded that participating in practice is at your own risk and that you are responsible to have appropriate insurance in place.

Thursdays 18.00 – 19.00
Saturdays 10.30 – 11.30

Mondays 18.00 – 19.00 (Basic / Beginners)
Mondays 19.15 – 20.30 (Advanced)

Saturdays 11.45 – 12.45 (Basic / Beginners)
Saturdays 13.00 – 14.30 (Advanced)

Adults, autumn 2020, special rules to attend apply
Tuesdays 18.00 – 19.00 (Basic / Beginners)
Tuesdays ca 19.05 – 20.30 (Advanced min 3rd kyu to attend)
Thursdays ca 19.05 – 20.30 (3rd-1st kyu techniques)
Fridays 11.00 – 12.00 (Weapons, in the dance hall upstairs)
Saturdays 10.30 – 11.30 (Basic / Beginners – small dojo)

Additional dojo rules to manage the COVID-19 situation:
– Keep physical distance
– Change to and from gi at home if possible
– Spend time only in the premises if you attend classes, no guests are allowed
– If you have any symptoms (fewer, runny nose, sore throat, stomach ache) stay home until you haven’t felt any symptoms for two days
– If you are exposed to COVID-19 – stay away from dojo for 14 days and are without any symptoms as described above
– If you have, or is suspected to have, COVID-19 stay away from dojo for 14 days and are without any symptoms as described above
– It is your, or your parents/guardians, responsibility to judge if you can join class or not
– Wash hands thoroughly with hot water and soap according to instructions as well as feet before and after class
– Follow the WHO guidelines – do NOT use protective mask when in class
– Preferably use your own weapons, if you borrow club weapons clean them  after use
– Assist in cleaning the dojo before and after class

Training fees for practice with the dojo are as follows per training term:

Children: for child classes: 800:-
Youth: for youth classes: 800:-
Advanced Youth: for advanced youth and adult classes: 900:-
Students  (with valid student id) for adult classes: 900:-
Adults (18 years or older): 1 100:-
Beginners class, adults: 800:-

Payment through bankgiro 5694-8060 (KFUM Uppsala Aikido)
Children and youth:  Ensure to include name and personal number on the youth and email to one of the parents for identification of the payment.
Adults: Ensure to include name and email of the member for identification of the payment.

If more than one family member practice with us the please make one payment for each family member.

Training fees must be paid before start of practice.
Training fees are not refunded.